Team Sky rider Eddie Dunbar’s Watts per kilo data in high mountains

Posted on: September 15th, 2018

Eddie Dunbar Watts per kilo data in high mountains

This is Eddie Dunbar’s data on some of cycling’s biggest mountains; from the final stage of Tour de l’Avenir. Click on the image above for a larger version.


Eddie Dunbar Watts per kilo data in high mountains


By Jon Sharples

Eddie Dunbar, who is making his Team Sky debut in Italy today, took 2nd on the final stage of the Tour de L’Avenir.

This superb result moved him up to finish 8th overall in a race that is often referred to as the mini Tour de France

At TrainSharp we coach Eddie Dunbar. Like everyone else, who know he’s an extremely impressive rider.

But what did it take to achieve this 2nd place on the final stage in France; a mountain stage with a finish atop the last climb.

The final stage was 149.7km and included two cat 1 climbs; the Col de I’Iseran and the Col du Glandon. The feared HC climb of the Col du Chaussy was also on the menu that day.


Eddie Dunbar Watts per kilo data in high mountains

Eddie Dunbar, left, is one of three young emerging riders making their debut today for Team Sky; Britain’s Mark Donovan and Ethan Hayter arealso enjoying their first day with the WorldTour team in Italy.


In total, the three-hour stage included close to 2,000 metres of ascending. If you want some added perspective; this came after nine previous days of all-out racing

Riding up the Col du Chaussy, Eddie averaged 364 watts for 20 minutes. Weighing less than 57kg, this gives Eddie a 6.4 W/kg power to weight ratio.


Eddie Dunbar final push data

Recovering on the descent of the Col du Chaussy, Eddie rode up the final climb, the Col du Glandon, at an average power output of 320 Watts.

Coming into the final, Eddie was in a group of six riders. He started the sprint with 200metres to go and produced a peak power output of 1086 Watts.

Unfortunately, the rider behind had Eddie’s slipstream. And he slipped past in the closing meters to deny Eddie of a world class win.

But it was an incredible effort and another fantastic result for Eddie, who has now already moved on to Team Sky.

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Eddie Dunbar Watts per kilo data in high mountains

Eddie Dunbar throws his bike over the finish line, but Gino Mader just squeezed past. Dunbar’s Watts per kilo outlined in this piece relate to the above performance.