Video: How cyclists can strengthen their core for more power

Posted on: November 16th, 2018

cyclists strengthen core more power

Ever wondered exactly where your core muscles are? Well, wonder no more. If you make a start now you can make great progress even by the end of the year, never mind the start of next season.


How cyclists can strengthen their core for more power


Most of the pro cyclists stretch and work their core muscles as part of a year-long routine; gone are the days of this being an off season practice only.

But winter is definitely the best time to focus on this area. You make yourself much stronger over the next few months. And that will mean more power for cycling.

Clearly cyclists need to have a break at this time of year. You’ve likely done a lot of cycling since the start of the year, whether leisure, sportive or racing.

But the old cliché really is true; a change is as good as a rest. So don’t be afraid to ease yourself into these exercises and start to strengthen your core.

If you get into the habit now, you have a long winter ahead to make some real progress. And even if you begin these core routines now, you can still be having a break from your cycling.

So seize the day and get going now. You could be transformed by next spring.

Strengthening your core has become an essential part of any cyclist’s training, with the vast majority of the pros swearing by it.

These exercises can be done in the privacy of your own home. They will not only increase power, but also stability.

And the more stable you are, the more power goes into pushing your pedals.  You’ll waste fewer Watts bobbing around in the saddle.


Five tricks in this clip

  • Squats; explains exact technique
  • The plank; how to move your legs
  • Alternate arm and leg raises; get all the power into your legs
  • Glute stretch; great for loosening up to aid recovery
  • Lunges; increase a huge source of power for riding


The core video