Video: Wind tunnel test that proves shaved legs are much faster

Posted on: October 19th, 2018

We would have guessed shaved legs made you more aerodynamic and therefore faster. But just how much faster was very surprising.


Cyclists are faster with shaved legs, here’s why


Ever wondered about the aerodynamic benefit to cyclists with shaved legs, and the time saved over a set distance?

Well wonder no more. Cyclists with shaved legs are definitely faster. The video below is one in a series shot by the major bike brand Specialized.

It tests a rider in a wind tunnel while his legs are still hairy and then shaves his pins and sticks him back into the tunnel to be retested.

The results are absolutely amazing and can’t be ignored by cyclists looking for every and any advantage.

The rider featured in this film is regarded has having medium hairy legs. When he shaved them the wind tunnel data revealed the time saved was a whopping 82 seconds over 40km, or 25 miles.

Of the six cyclists tested, the rider featured was on the higher end of the time-saving scale. But the average time saving for all of those tested worked out at 50 seconds over 40km.

Those who carried out the tests reckon that’s about the equivalent to the saving gained by a rider swapping a regular tubed bike for one of the most aerodynamic and most expensive you can buy.

The two testers feature in the clip below said they had always been curious about how much time, and energy, shaved legs would save. But they felt the difference would be so tiny it was not worth assessing.

But now they say that of all of the data thrown up in 1,200 hours of wind tunnel tests, the information on leg shaving has surprised them most.

If you are one of those cyclists who is hairier than the rider in this film, the benefit to you will be even more significant.

And if you have hairy arms too, presumably giving those a blast of a razor will make you slice through the air even quicker when racing or training.

Happy shaving!


Cyclists faster with shaved legs


Cyclists faster shaved legs

The razor came out and the hair came off to compare hairy legs with their shaved selves.

Cyclists faster shaved legs

The difference in appearance of the legs when shaved was significant. But many men would have hairier legs than this and if you’re one, then shaving will be even more beneficial than the set of test results suggest.

Cyclists faster shaved legs

The Specialized testers said of the approximate 1,200 hours of tests they carried out in the wind tunnel that the data from the Hairy Vs Shaved experiments surprised them most.