Why cyclists don’t need to do big miles, even at this time of year

Posted on: December 17th, 2018

cyclists big miles winter 

You need to forget traditional thinking about training for hours to prepare your body for battle. Instead, move to short sharper efforts – even in winter.


Why cyclists don’t need to do big miles even in winter


The model for cycling training is simple. Do lots of low intensity base miles, usually during the off season.

And then cyclists should ramp up with shorter harder efforts to get into top condition for racing or sportives.

The bigger base cyclists have, the higher your peak will be when you go about preparing for events.

Well, that may have been the thinking for many years but the sport of cycling is changing.

In the video below, produced by Global Cycling Network, former professionals Simon Richardson and Dan Lloyd debunk the traditional thinking on base training.

It’s well worth a look for all cyclists, irrespective of current standard or goals.

Anyone who is stuck for time and simply doesn’t have hours and hours to train will likely be very pleased with the contents of the clip below.

Put simply; riding short and hard rather than long and easy will not compromise your peak condition. It will enhance it.

And you can even afford to take out base training completely.


Debunking the big miles myth