Video: Why you should always call potholes when cycling in a group

Posted on: January 3rd, 2019

cycling pothole crash

This is how easy a whole group comes down when something unexpected is not called to warn cyclists behind. Use these winter group cycling tips to avoid this kind of carnage due to hitting potholes.


Winter is traditionally a time for having good craic with your buddies and club mates out on the bike.

And some of the more epic spins, especially when the weather turns on us miles from home, are remembered and talked about forever.

Riding in a group is our favourite way to get the miles in, but it does bring its dangers.

Encountering potholes in the road is a big one in Ireland.

The clip below, while not recorded in Ireland, demonstrates the instant damage a pot hole will do.

And while there are two guys in this clip who fall, had there be more riders behind or beside them it’s very likely more would have fallen.

So on those long winter spins on narrow and remote roads here’s a few tips to avoid pothole wipe outs:

  • Riders on the front of the group should shout a loud and clear warning of potholes and anything else in the road.
  • Also use hand signals to warn where the obstacle/debris/pothole is.
  • When somebody shouts and/or gestures in front of you, make sure you do the same to warn those behind.
  • Don’t go through puddles, however, small unless you have to.
  • And don’t fly down climbs unless the road is very clear and you can see it is smooth and clear.
  • The surface or roads – due to cold/wet weather or road works – can change regularly and from week to week so don’t assume the stretch of tarmac that was perfect last month or even last week is still OK today.

Have a look at the lads in the clip below and generally stay vigilant and warn each other when riding in a group.


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