One Irish cycling club’s 8 golden rules for winter group rides

Posted on: October 26th, 2018

cycling club rules winter group

One Irish club has set out its rule, very clearly, for the group rides now underway this winter; some really common sense stuff in here (Photo with thanks to Robert Power)


Cycling club’s 8 rules for group rides this winter


In every part of the country groups are assembling on Saturday and Sunday mornings for winter club training rides.

Every group has its own dynamic and its own way of doing things. Some will have strict rules around pacing and safety. Others may be less organised.

But if it’s going to work and be enjoyable for all, every group has to work as a unit.



De Ronde Van Cork has set out these eight rules for its regular social group rides. It wants an emphasis on controlling the group to a consensus pace.

And it’s all wrapped up in a ‘leave no man or woman behind’ policy. It’s always interesting to see how other clubs organise themselves; this is how they’re doing it in Cork…


Code for Social Group Rides

(1) The aim is that the majority of the cycle will be conducted in one or two groups; depending on the numbers attending. The pace should be manageable and enjoyable for all.

(2) The group will be allowed to break up in the following scenarios only: on (a) a long climb (b) a fast descent or (c) the final run in home.

(3) The group leader will normally call “regroup at the top” or “regroup at X” – a point on the road. Please observe this call. Pull in at the designated spot. Do not continue to hammer drop into the distance.

(4) If you do not hear the call, then please use your discretion and common sense to pull in at an appropriate spot to facilitate the regroup.

(5) If you are a budding Chris Froome then please remember you are joining us; the social group. We’re not joining you. So you need to modify your pace to suit the larger group.

(6) If you are a weaker cyclist then you should have no fear that you’re going to be dropped and have to cycle on your own all day or at such a pace that you’re going to ‘blow a gasket’.

(7) Every time you go around a blind bend at pace, please ask yourself: ‘What if I meet an oncoming vehicle in the middle of the road?’ If you continue to go around bends in the middle of the road then it’s just a numbers game. There’s a high probability that the time will eventually come when you’ll ‘meet your Waterloo’. And it isn’t going to be pretty.

(8) As we approach winter the pace should naturally drop a little; accounting for the wet and dirty roads, leaves etc. Safety is paramount, but it needs to be worked on every cycle. Enjoy your cycling, and be safe.


cycling club rules winter group

De Ronde Van Cork; a club with many social riders and others taking top results in road races.