Video: Five quick core exercises specifically designed for cyclists

Posted on: May 11th, 2018

Five core exercises for cyclists

Switching some cycling time to core exercise work: A stable and strong core is a fantastic asset for cycling, especially for improving your climbing. Here’s a five-part simple routine from a former top pro who has walked the walk; Emma Pooley.


Five core exercises for cyclists to be done twice per week


Having been world TT champion and one of the best climbers in the world in her day, Emma Pooley knows how to work her core.

She is also a world class marathon runner and triathlete. She’s done it all.

In this video she demonstrates five exercises that every cyclist can do towards a stronger and more stable core.

Pooley recommends these are done by riders twice each week. Some of these also work the arms. And Pooley says the exercises are all really helpful for climbs, especially riding out of the saddle.

“Many of you will be thinking ‘I just don’t have time to do extra exercises’,” she says in this clip.

“Cycling is already a very time consuming sport. Fitting your training around your job, family and social life is already a real challenge.

“But, honestly, switching a small amount of your time from cycling to core exercises can lead to big gains.

“The upper body, core and lower back are all areas of weakness in cyclists. And weaknesses let you down.”

You’ll need an exercise ball, a chin-up bar, and maybe some dumbbells for these exercises.

Five core exercises for cyclists

  • Exercise ball plank
  • Exercise ball rolling plank
  • Bent knee back extension
  • Exercise ball dips
  • Windscreen wipers