Video: Burning 1½kg of body fat in calories during one bike ride

Posted on: February 9th, 2019

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Have you ever taken on the most epic bike ride possible; one that put your body through nothing like you’d experienced before? These two riders did and filmed the effort.


Ever wanted to push yourself for so long on a bike that you’d burn 10,000 calories on one spin?

No, neither have we.

But the two guys in this video were effectively dared to try it. And so they decided the 10,000 calorie spin was on.

That’s the equivalent of the number of calories in almost 1½ kilos of body fat.



They worked out, based on how many Watts were needed to burn calories, how hard they’d have to go.

And the answer was 2,324 hours riding at a power output of one Watt would burn 10,000 calories.

Riding at 150 Watts it would take 16 hours. And if we rode at an average of 200 Watts it would take 11 hours and 40 minutes.

Just to put that into perspective; resting we’d normally burn 60 to 80 calories per hour. An hour’s walking would burn 300, depending on our size.

And an hour’s easy riding would burn about 500; depending on our power output of course.

A banana contains about 105 calories and a large bowl of plain pasta contains 400 calories.

A kilo of body fat is about 7,700 calories. That means a 10,000 calorie ride would burn almost 1½ kilos of body fat in calories (though you’d to put in plenty of calories during the ride!).

Simon Richardson and James Lowsley-Williams of Global Cycling News selected two 160km loops in the region around Calpe in southern Spain to try and burn 10,000 calories in one ride.

They got up just after 4am and set out in the darkness less than an hour later. Their first stop was 4½ hours in; a reflection of just over far they were planning to go.

And by the time they stopped they reckoned they were only a third of the way there. Already the mental aspect was starting to weigh on them heavily.

Let’s see how they get one…