Video: Why pro cycling needs more guys like Taylor Phinney

Posted on: July 3rd, 2017

Taylor Phinney Tour de France pro cycling


Pro cycling badly needs more guys like Taylor Phinney


Having finally come back from a career-threatening injury after a bad race crash, American Taylor Phinney was off the front at the Tour de France yesterday.

He spent 200km up the road in the breakaway and was only caught about 100 metres short of the 1km red kite.

Phinney kept his head down, driving the pace until the top of the bunch actually caught him; not for him sitting up when he felt the game was up.

He was rewarded with the climbers’ jersey; going for the last KOH prime like it was a sprint for the stage win.

And all day as he was clear he looked like poetry in motion; the pro game’s ultimate stylist. He looks like he was born on a bike.

But it was only after the finish that his giving really started; a series of Tweets and post-stage interviews underlining the strength of his character.

Taylor Phinney is a man in love with life and in love with pro cycling. He’s not afraid to show it and the Tour de France is richer for having him this year.



“I’ve raced with Yohan Offredo for a long time,” he said of the man he would press on with from the original four-rider breakaway.

“I’ve always been friendly with him. He was definitely the strongest dude in the breakaway; we both were.

“We found ourselves together and I turned to him and said, ‘Finalment, let’s do this.’

“I think with five kilometres to go we really started to believe, but it hurt a lot. And then we got passed.

“When we crossed the finish line, I put my arm around him and said, ‘we’re friends for life now, bro.'”





He also let us in on the moment, after the stage 1 TT, that Cannondale-Drapac’s director Charly Wegelius suggested he might go for the climbers’ jersey on stage 2.

Taylor Phinney said he was caught by surprise as he had just stepped out of the shower and was naked when Wegelius raised tactics for the following day.

“I said, ‘bro, I’m completely naked, I haven’t thought about what clothes I’m going to wear’.

“Maybe it’s a new psychology thing; get people when they’re naked and at their most vulnerable.”


Taylor Phinney Tour de France pro cycling


And of stage 2 itself, he explained he got distracted early in the day: “Then we had the team meeting this morning and that was the plan.

“I got a little bit distracted by the music at the second stop, when we were doing the neutral, there was one violin player who was, like, killing it. But once the race started I was like, ‘okay, let’s do this.’”

Asked if his family was there to support him he replied: “Yeah, my parents are here and my long-time nanny from when I was a kid is also here.

“I don’t still have a nanny, much to your surprise I’m sure. I’m really feeling the love.”

When wearing the polka dot jersey and returning to his team car after the podium presentation he said to his soigneur: “I’ve never had chicken pox. That’s a lie, I’ve definitely had the chicken pox.

“But I thought while I was riding that I should definitely say that at some point today.”