This cycling safety video shot in Dublin in 1949 is absolute gold

Posted on: February 26th, 2019

This cycling safety film, all four minutes of it, shot in Dublin in 1949 is absolutely fantastic. Not all the hazards we face now were around then, but some were.


Here’s a classic cycling safety video shot in Dublin way back in 1949. It’s part of the Irish Film Institute (IFI) archive.

The IFI says of the four-minute video: “Cycling through a city can be a stressful experience.

“This public information film, produced by the National Film Institute and directed by filmmaker Liam O Laoghaire advises on the best cycling practice around busy Dublin streets.

“This film from 1949 was shot with tongue firmly in cheek. While dangerous cycling habits are usually nothing to smile about, their re-enactment for the purposes of instruction and amusement can make for entertaining viewing.

“The film shows the streets of 1940s Dublin filled with cyclists – some heavily burdened, some devil-may-care, some attentive to the rules of the road, some not at all – and provides an unusual saddle-level view of a wide range of north and south city locations.

“From the history of the bicycle to basic road safety procedures this film can still teach even the most proficient cyclist of today a thing or two.”

You can view it below or see a better quality version at this link via the easy access IFI Player.