Video: Irish comedy trio’s (too true) new ‘smug cyclists’ sketch…

Posted on: September 20th, 2018

Irish comedy trio Foyle, Arms and Hog have captured a few people we know well in their new sketch on smug cyclists; well worth a look…


Foyle, Arms & Hog give smug cyclists the once over


OK, be honest; do you recognise yourself in this clip? It’s Foyle, Arms & Hog giving smug cyclists their comedy treatment.

The three-man team has taken on the smug cyclist stereotype and given it socks.

The cyclist in the clip has gone out and splashed big money on a new bike and assorted kit and clothing.

He’s got his helmet on, topped with a camera to record his commute.

And while he knows how much more efficient his new bike is supposed to be, he’s not quite sure why he’s bought all the gear.

The best he can do is : “Because the man in the shop said so.”

It’s a bit of craic and well worth a look.

Foyle, Arms and Hog produce videos for sharing on social media and perform live shows; details of which you’ll find by following this link.

While their latest effort is a good one; our favourite piece on how intense many cyclists are is the second clip below. It’s an oldie but a goodie.