Funerals & nudists: A tourist reflects on seeing Ireland by bike

Posted on: October 11th, 2016

Tara Foster is a very well-known TV producer in the US and Australia and she boasts an impressive CV. When not making and editing programmes or bulletins she is travelling – and often on her own. She has lived with headhunters in Borneo, spent time working with NASA, driven across America and lived down a mine in her native Australia.


An Australian-American TV producer is currently one third of the way through a three-month journey around Ireland on a bike, or ‘pushie’ as the Australians call it.

She’s held high office so far her career and in no particular order has edited for the NBC and CBS News channels as well as Discovery and a host of others.

Tara Foster, a free-spirited adventurer came to Ireland with no concrete plan, no clue of what to expect but knew she wanted to have “the craic” wherever she went. Oh, and she went solo.

She’s written us this little blog about what she’s experienced so far and here’s a little summary of her trip by numbers:

30 – number of wedding invites received

1 – number of funerals attended

14 – number of times she’s been interviewed on radio

8 – number of newspapers she’s told her story to

2 – number of weeks she went without using a hair dryer

1 – number of radio shows co-hosted


Tara has been cycling around Ireland over one month now on her own and has encountered all sorts of crazy scenarios. She has even been invited to skinny dip with nudists in Wexford but said the water was too cold so she politely declined.


By Tara Foster

Why on Earth would someone decide to bicycle Ireland for three months in the autumn? Well for the craic, of course.

I’m Tara and I’m embarking on a solo journey around Ireland with nothing more than a bicycle and my wits!

This adventure started out very differently, mind.

Nearly six months ago I met someone who bicycled from Sydney to Melbourne on a $50 (€35) bicycle for a wedding.

I thought his adventure was absolutely mad, but at the same time, I loved it.

I also read Tony Hawks’ famous book, “Around Ireland with a Fridge” and with those two incredible stories, I thought why not go on my own adventure #AroundIrelandOnAPushie?

Whilst planning #AroundIrelandOnAPushie, I knew I didn’t want to be just a tourist – I wanted to see Ireland though the eyes of a local, so I took to the internet and asked all of Ireland for challenges!

I wasn’t even in Ireland yet and I was invited to 30 weddings, 1 funeral and a dip in the ocean with a Wexford nudist group!


She’s having a blast in Ireland. Above, in Dublin (the centre of the universe – Ed)


I politely declined the dip, however I did take on the challenge of fighting as a medieval knight with Armoured Combat Ireland – and won a silver medal!

Next up on my All-Ireland internet request is performing as a stand-up comedian during Space Week in Cork!

At first, this adventure was just about a girl going on a 3-month journey around Ireland with a bicycle, but over time, it has evolved.

I always knew I wasn’t going ‘just’ to see the top Irish destinations but I had no idea that I’d be dipping into the worlds of some very special Irish people that I was meeting along the way.

What does this mean for the future?

I’m not really sure just yet. I still have about two months to go.

I’m going with the flow to see where the universe and roads take me.

It’s kinda cool not knowing what will happen next but I think I’m onto something because even the media has jumped on board.

I have been on 14 radio stations across three countries, there have been 8 newspaper articles and I’ve been interviewed by one national Irish TV network (TV3).

I have also given a talk to schoolkids about following their dreams and I find that really cool.

I’m really chuffed that such a simple idea has had such a positive impact all whilst discovering that Ireland really is the little country with a big heart!

If you’d like to throw me an Irish Internet challenge, you can find me via social media.

Keep up to date with her travels on twitter @Taraustralis


Tara’s live TV appearance on the Seven O’Clock Show