5 things most cyclists say to bike mechanics that they hate

Posted on: December 10th, 2017

From clunks to creaks to squeaks and scratches, there’s not a thing in the world a good bike mechanic can’t do.


5 things most cyclists say to bike mechanics that they hate


Bike mechanics are the unsung heroes of cycling. And it’s about time they got some recognition.

They’re the men and women who rise earlier than anyone else on race day and are often still working long after everyone else is in bed.

They’ve an awful lot to deal with and need to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the sport and of course, the bikes.

From mountain bikes to road bikes to track and hybrid steeds; mechanics worth their salt can fix anything you throw at them either on a stage race or when calling into your local bike shop.

It’s time they were given some respect, so try and stop yourself any of the following to them…


Dropping into the bike shop the day before a race demanding a new groupset is one way to p*** off your mechanic.


  • “Can you fix this, I need it tonight because I’m racing tomorrow.”

You deserve a torque wrench on the head for this one.

The race calendars are mapped out months in advance of the season and you’ve been targeting tomorrow’s event since you started training on November 1st.

Now you rock up to the shop, 24 hours beforehand, requiring a new bottom bracket, cables and headset bearing; shame on you.

Take it to the shop the Monday morning before the race. Collect it on Wednesday evening.

Have two-three days feeling the changes.


  • “Can you just show me how to…”

You think it’d be a great idea (sort of) if you were shown how to fix the problem.

You believe (sort of) it would save your mechanic time and hassle.

He or she dreads your kind, (you cheapskate).

Would you ask your car mechanic to show you the intricacies of changing brake pads?


A bad bike mechanic is a dangerous thing. If you find a good one – and most are great – stick with them.


  • “Sorry I didn’t get a chance to clean it.”

If you don’t care for your bike, why should anyone else?


  • “How much is that, and this, and that one… Okay thanks, bye”

You know who you are; pretending to be interested in buying from the bike shop by quizzing the mechanic for 15 minutes on all manner and make of machine.

In reality, you’re mentally making notes of every price of every bike, going online and buying there instead; not cool.


“And if you’ve time can you build a spare one for me, just in case”


  • “I’ve no idea what happened it. I was just, erm, riding along…”

Bikes have a funny way of magically breaking.

Wheels have been known to buckle overnight, frames crack under extreme heat, forks just tend to fold.

It’s incredible. What’s less than incredible is your story about how you were just riding along and “this happened”.

Mechanics don’t buy it for a second. Even less so when they have half the peloton come into the shop to tell you about the epic crash in the race; coincidence?

They think not…