Video: Why are more Irish cyclists chosing Mallorca for training?

Posted on: February 18th, 2019

Mallorca cycling

Spring may be in the air in Ireland, but it’s been a long winter and conditions – even after the coldest time of year has come and gone – after often far from ideal for training. Some Irish riders have found the perfect way out; living abroad.


Geraint Thomas has gotten his first races of the season into his legs and has immediately packed off to Tenerife for training and altitude.

It’s a path well worn; pro riders have been taking themselves away to the sun, and seclusion, for years to get the miles in.

The crucial factors when it comes to choosing a location are climbs, warm weather and usually, though not always, altitude.

But with getting abroad now cheaper than ever, cycling in the sun has become very common for racers and leisure cyclists alike.

Two Irish cyclists who’ve been spending a lot of their time abroad – Mallorca to be precise – are Marc Potts and Felix English.


Mallorca cycling


They’ve both represented Ireland on the track and road, but their focus is now very much on the velodrome.

They’re part of the Irish track team that will spend the next year trying to qualify for the Olympic Games.

Both are full-time bike riders and are funded by Sport Ireland; Potts receiving €12,000 this year and English €20,000.

In the short film below, shot in Mallorca by Davy McFall of, they explain why Mallorca is such a draw for them.

Clearly having a velodrome open to them there is very important, with access to it organised by Cycling Ireland.

Indeed, many other Irish track riders base themselves in Mallorca to train for long periods. Felix English, as he explains in the video below, has now made his life there.

The island is also perfect for cycling holidays or training camps; the weather and wide variety of roads – flat and hilly – make it a very big draw.

More and more Irish cyclists have headed there in recent years for a week in the sun.


While we have your attention…

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Bike life in Mallorca


Mallorca cycling

Mallorca cycling

Mallorca cycling

Mallorca cycling