Video: Mini documentary on Chris Froome’s Zoncolan recon

Posted on: May 1st, 2018

Video Chris Froome Giro recon Monte Zoncolan

Chris Froome riding under blue skies on the Zoncolan. In reality his preparations have unfolded under a cloud. And if he takes the lead at the Giro, things may blow up spectacularly.


Video Chris Froome Giro recon Monte Zoncolan


Team Sky has released this 10-minute mini documentary on Chris Froome’s preparation for the Giro d’Italia. The race starts with a TT in Israel this Friday.

Froome currently holds the Tour de France and Vuelta titles and is aiming for a triple crown.

However, after winning the Vuelta last September it soon emerged he had returned an adverse dope test result for salbutamol towards the end of the race.

That case drags on, with no conclusion in sight. And so Froome goes into this Giro, and intends to ride the Tour de France after it, with a major question mark over his head.

He refers to the situation in this clip, saying his life has gotten very pressured off the bike of late. But he has turned to cycling to relieve the stress and get away from it.

“You go into that single mindset of trying to just block everything else out,” he said of preparing for a Grand Tour.

“Obviously with everything that’s been happening in the last few months; it can get pretty stressful off the bike.

“But it’s days like today, where you can just go out and be on my bike again; this is what it’s all about for me,” he added as he prepared for a recon ride on Monte Zoncolan.

“This climb that we’re going to go and see today; it’s just epic. It’s one of the mega climbs on the pro scene. And to go and do that is pretty exciting.”



He said when he first rode the Giro, in 2010; he was there to help Bradley Wiggins. But reflecting on it now he said he wasn’t ready and it became a battle to just survive.

Back then he was disqualified on stage 19 for holding onto a race moto. He had been last on the stage the previous day.

And he was in 104th overall, some 2hrs 25mins 3secs down on race leader David Arroyo Duran (Caisse d’Epargne).

Froome said he had already decided to abandon as he had a knee injury. And he insisted at the time he was holding onto the moto to get to the top of the Mortirolo climb so he could pull out.

The race was eventually won overall by Ivan Basso (Liquigas-Doimo). Wiggins was 40th overall, 1hr 47mins 58secs down.

“I don’t think I was physically ready. I just remember suffering for weeks and weeks,” Froome said of his 2010 debut.

Now it was about reaching his peak form earlier than usual. Stepping out of his normal routine was added motivation from.

“Initially when the team asked me about the Giro, my initial reaction was ‘no’. I really wanted to focus on doing a fifth Tour de France. In my mind, it had been the goal all along; to try and get to that point.”

He had seen many riders “on their hands and knees” trying the Tour having done the Giro.

But Team Sky trainer Tim Kerrison had convinced him he could be in peak condition for both races this year.

“There is an element of risk involved in targeting the Giro-Tour. But, I mean, I think I’d regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t give it a go.

“To go from winning the Tour and then the Vuelta last year, and if we did the Giro this year; all within 12 months it would be an unbelievable feat.”